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The River Deep Alliance is a newly launched collaboration of stand-alone 501c3 non-profit organizations who share resources, knowledge, and ideas with the goal of providing more efficient and effective programming and outreach.  All of our programs are proud to assist individuals with disabilities who need healing and support from physical, psychological or emotional trauma. Whether an individual became disabled in the course of military or civilian life they are all in need of equal healing. Some of our programs serve both of these groups, while some focus exclusively on the needs of military personnel—veteran or active duty.

This alliance was born out of existing relationships between like-minded leaders who saw the need for their organizations to combine their strengths in order to focus better on clients in need..  Each program under the River Deep umbrella offers unique stand-alone, but complimentary that they all serve to assist in the healing process by helping to  re-acclimate, re-enable and re-engage their clients while improving outlook and quality of life.

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