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Please note: Our masks are 100% made in the USA. They are not intended for medical use.  

Face masks are a must now for everyone everywhere. You cannot enter an establishment unless you are wearing a face protector properly. And this makes sense because in these uncertain times, a good face mask can help greatly in protecting not only you from COVID-19 but other people as well. Masks, together with social distancing, can minimize the spread of the virus – and they have become an essential item in our current pandemic lifestyle.  

COVID-19 has changed the world that we’ve always known.  

On the second decade of the 21st century, this new virus has ushered in a new era of normal. An era where people must stay apart to ensure their loved ones’ survival. An era of uncertainties and unrest, of resilience and steadfast hopefulness. The new coronavirus may well be the catalyst to a new type of evolution giving rise to new norms that will affect societies, cultures, industries, technologies, governments and the world as a whole.  

Many were sceptical at the beginning of the pandemic, but thanks to various studies conducted in the past year, it is now generally accepted that masks are indeed crucial in the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus.  

Surgical masks and N95s were highly sought-after commodities. So much so that our heroes on the front line decried the dwindling supply of these essential protective items, putting them at great risk and threatening our main line of defence against the growing number of infections. 

The world is on the first stage of vaccination for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 and with the growing numbers of people seeking immunization plus the strain to vaccine supplies, it will take a while before the spread of the virus comes to a complete halt. And even after vaccination, experts still advise using face masks and other preventive practices until we all have a solid solution to this pandemic.  

So this only means that with the new normal lifestyle, face protectors are going to stay for a while.  

Why choose reusable face masks?  

There are good reasons why you should opt for face protectors that are made of cloth and are reusable.  

  1. Surgical masks and N95s are in very short supply and needed by front liners. Members of the public don’t really need these types of masks, but doctors, nurses, health care workers and providers require these on a daily basis for their work of saving the lives of the infected. 

    Reusable face masks made from cloth are sufficient enough to prevent droplets from the nose and mouth from traveling and potentially infecting other people around us. Indeed, cloth masks are preferred for community use in order to preserve the supply of surgical masks for front liners as well as those in aged care and other people who are at risk of severe COVID-19 infection.  
  1. Using surgical masks may prove more harmful than beneficial to the public who is incapable of properly disposing them. Surgical face masks and other PPEs must be disposed of properly to prevent transmission of diseases to the greater population. Burning used PPEs is the most effective method of disposal to ensure that viruses are destroyed. Hospitals typically send their waste to hazardous incineration plants. The general public obviously does not have the capabilities to follow similar procedures and would simply throw away used masks the same way as their everyday waste. 

  2. The over use of disposable face masks is adding to environmental problems. 

    Surgical masks are made from single-use plastic. The increased use of these masks and their improper disposal is exacerbating environmental issues. In fact, thousands of face masks are turning up on beaches in many places all over the world. This is posing grave danger to the already fragile marine ecosystems. No matter how much humanity is currently suffering from the pandemic, we should still do our outmost best to protect our planet.  
  1. Reusable face masks are economical. Many of us have become financially challenged due to the current state of things and cloth masks that can be washed and used again can greatly help in extending our budget for other essential items. The best reusable face masks can even be re-used more than 50 times. You’re not just saving money; you are also helping ensure that tens of surgical masks are reserved only to those who actually need to use them. Having face masks that are reusable also minimizes the need to go to shops to buy surgical masks. 

  2. Unnecessary contamination can be prevented with reusable face masks. Since masks made from cloth can be washed and stored when not in use, you don’t have to worry about improper disposal. 

The most comfortable face masks 

Aside from effectivity, face protectors also need to be comfortable to use, especially if they have to be worn for hours. Our protective face masks are lightweight and ultra-breathable two-layer cloth masks with black soft stretch ear straps. The inner layer is made from soft moisture-wicking nylon spandex and the outer layer is micro-knit polyester that is treated with an anti-microbial agent. 

Reusable face masks are not regulated, but if they are, the required specifications that are likely to correspond to effectiveness include 2 or 3 layers of different fabrics, breathability, adequate droplet blocking efficiency and full coverage of nose, mouth and chin. Our reusable face masks have these basic requirements and are also made in the USA.  

The patriotic designs are conceptualized by the veterans in our team and printed by sublimation on the face protectors without compromising functionality.  

Our reusable cloth masks are 100% washable. We highly recommend that they are washed after each use every day. Viruses and bacteria can live on fabric surfaces for up to 12 hours. Reusing face masks without properly washing them first can lead to self-contamination. Also, make sure to avoid prolonged use of cloth face protectors. The effectiveness of the fabrics become significantly lesser as they become increasingly damp.  

Running them through the washing machine with your regular detergent and at high temperature is enough to keep cloth face masks hygienic. Alternatively, you can hand-wash your mask in a bowl using warm water and soap.  

In any situation, the ability to adapt is crucial for survival. If we are to overcome this pandemic, we need to be properly equipped. Not only with proper and effective face masks, but also with new social practices and greater sense of responsibility. Let’s watch each other’s six and we’ll all get through this together. 

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